Enjoying downtown Fort Collins with my wife is definitely a favorite activity.
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Web Lab Graduation night. 12/11/14.
I had a wonderful time growing with my classmates and learning tons.

andy wager

     I know what looks good.
     In August 2012, Fort Collins, Colorado looked good, and my fiancé and I emigrated from Sioux Falls.
     In August 2013, my fiancé looked really, really good, and she became my wife.

      In June 2014, two years after graduating from South Dakota State University with a degree in Mass Communication, the field of Web Development looked good, and it was!
     I love the multitude of facets and the melding of design and data, being able to utilize multiple strengths simultaneously (use both sides of my brain, as the misnomer goes), and I love being pleasantly challenged every day.

WebLab 2014

      In September 2014, I was accepted to participate in the 4th session of FRCC's WebLab Front-End Web Development Boot Camp. The curriculum was designed by local industry employers and experts and taught by first-rate instructors with extensive experience in code, programming, UX, and design.

"Front Range Community College has partnered with leading web development firms to develop this 12-week web development training program."

     Industry Partners